ARIA Update!

So this is one of my favourite Foyer Sets ever! Seriously, I love its detail and simplicity. I just think its so cool all over, I love how it has accessories like a actual house’d have!

At coming in at 35 prims, seriously this set is too goood to miss! The bench is texture change with lots of different textures to choose from, and the permissions are trans! So you can send one to a friend 🙂

This piano, seriously is amazing! It is low prims so 29 prims, highly detailed and I love it! It texture changes to a lot of different options, and different options mean different combinations! It has a few poses in each the chair and the actual piano itself, which is a really cool idea 🙂

This sets permission is trans!

As always both these sets are fully 3d baked 🙂

You can get these items at ARIA now!

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