Vita Kitchen and Sophia Mini Set

Yelo has been at it again, creating 2 gorgeous sets first a kitchen which I actually use in my own SL home!

The Vita Kitchen Set, which comes it at 173 prims which is quite low considering it looks like a hell of a lot more. This is all 3d rendered as of all Aria’s standards, and if 173 prims is too much for you it can also be assembled into much less prims!

This set is No Modify, No Copy and Trans but please look per item as some items are copy/no trans and as of all Aria’s furniture this also has texture changing to perfectly match your decor.

This set is a little set which is really quite awesome actually! Its fully 3d rendered, and includes all 3 items. A little fireplace, a poof and a little decoration tray these items are great for those little add-on’s in your house where you can’t decide what to put there! It also includes multiple colour variations to match everything in your house, and it only comes in at 19 prims.

You can buy each part of this set with trans yes, no mod or no copy when you purchase each part separately or if you buy it as a whole set you can buy it as copy perms!

So go and visit ARIA, and look at these fantastic items.

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