Noel Christmas Tree and Livia Coffee Machine

Aria is bringing to you, the Livia Expresso Machine version 2! Its fully 3d rendered and sculpted, and only comes in at 13 prims which is really good for such a detailed coffee machine, it comes in quite a few texture options and it rezzes 6 types of decoration coffees and if you click the decoration version of the coffee, you get a wearable version of that coffee. It is No Mod, No Copy, but yes Trans.

Aria also has released christmas trees, for the holiday season! Which look great and are 3D rendered! They’re all texture changing trees, and the permissions are no copy, no mod but trans!

This first picture is 24 prims and has 4 sizes.

This 2nd picture is 23 prims and comes in 3 sizes.

This 3rd picture is 9 prims and comes in 3 sizes.

And a Belated Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it, and a couple of days early Merry Christmas from Aria!

Go and look at these new releases at ARIA!

One Response to “Noel Christmas Tree and Livia Coffee Machine”

  1. erik kayo-ying Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! any possibility of a resizable version?

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