Salvador Dining Room set



Hello, today I’ll be sharing a new release from ARIA!

The Salvador Dining Room set is a baroque-inspired dining room set, I especially love the intricate detail on the chair legs. As with all of ARIA‘s other furniture/dining items, the chairs come with top-quality, highly realistic animations, including giving dining accessories on touch so that each avatar can dine at the table!

ARIA often gives us several texture-change options so we can easily match our furniture to our surroundings. This set allows for several fabric texture and base texture options – I love the colors! Check out the ad on flickr (click) to take a closer look at the colors. There are also several vase textures and pot textures included.

All items are fully baked and sculpted and come with realistic shadows to aid your SL experience! TP over to ARIA for this beautiful addition to your modern home.

Prims: 128

Permissions: No Modify, No Copy, Yes Trans

*Chairs are copiable so you’ll never run out of chairs for guests!

**Wall art and light are modifiable.


One Response to “Salvador Dining Room set”

  1. […] I was amazed that the table and each chair had only 1 land impact each. The chair I had from the ARIA  Salvador dining room set was like 7 prims alone. Granted that it’s a bit more fancier than the floorplan one, but this […]

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