Patrice Living Room

patrice living_003

patrice living_004

Introducing the new Patrice Living Room set from ARIA! A total of just 48 prims for a detailed, modern SL living room. All of the items can be bought separately or mixed with other items for a unique look!

Probably my favorite, a little silly, detail about this set is the remote control – I remember admiring it and just being awed at how utterly realistic it looks. It’s little details like those that make our second lives so much more real. The sofa is also texture change to match any interior!

Prims: 48 prims
Permissions: All items are transfer only, except for the blinds(copy/mod) and the light+wall art(mod/trans)
Animations: high-quality animations, seats more than one person

TP to ARIA to try out the animations or check out the detail on this set!

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