Darla Kitchen Set

Something new from ARIA, Yelo took three months to finish this set! There are two variations, sets A and B.

I am sitting on the kitchen counter now, swinging my legs.. and that’s all it took to win me over for this kitchen. I still think that ARIA animations are thoughtfully chosen/add a touch of realism. Texture-change as always, another new item for those who love their kitchens in bright colors, or even just in black and white!

Definitely a full kitchen experience from ARIA – when you click on the kitchen counter, you get an option for “Accessories”, whereby you can choose an accessory, like a knife, wear it and then choose the appropriate animation, e.g. “chopping”. When selected, the “chopping” animation actually rezzes a full set of chopping board, lettuce, vegetables and salad, so you’re really immersed in the experience of preparing a salad in your second life! (Yelo’s Lettuces are also my favorite, they look so so real.)

The accessories are detailed as always – the knives look like they could cut. You can select “Open” for the oven, and then prepare food in it, e.g. Lobster.

Take a tp to ARIA to try out the animations and cooking experience for yourself, I was really impressed by them!

prims for Darla Kitchen sets A and B: 56 prims and 54 prims respectively
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
multi-sit animations, props available
texture-change, 5 colors (refer to ad)

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