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ARIA Bridget dining room set

Posted in Furniture with tags , , on May 18, 2011 by silver milneaux

New dining room set available at ARIA‘s mainstore! Don’t forget to check out the new release and RFL items at ARIA’s Home Expo booth, some good deals with 100% of the donation going to RFL! More details here.

I think that one of ARIA‘s strengths is low-prim, realistic flowers and plants – I see flowers and plants from ARIA being used in lots of my favorite stores. This set has a vase with pink marigolds as the centerpiece and I’m really in love with it! The Bridget leafy plant is also very pretty and just five prims despite having 18 detailed leaves and a pot and at least two stalks. I always wonder how Yelo does it!

Enough about plants though, the chairs are packed full of animations as always. The chair also gives accessories and cutlery for use together with the animations in order to enhance your overall eating experience. There are even different eating and sitting animations for females and males!

Check out this new release at ARIA!

prims: 68 prims, accessories are removable to save on prims
textures: view ad for 5 wood textures and 6 leather textures
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans. Wall art and light are modifiable and transfer. Chairs are copiable.
animations: multi-animations with props (click on the chair and it will give you a fork, knife etc)


ARIA at Home Expo!

Posted in Furniture with tags , , on May 13, 2011 by silver milneaux

Hello, happy weekend!

ARIA will be participating in the Home Expo and there is a new release, available at the Expo, as well as two RFL donation items! New items would be available instore after the expo.

The Elanor Linear Chandelier is a beautifully sculpted modern chandelier that adds a somewhat vintage touch to any home. (In my opinion, the sculpted chandelier crystals are really classic and have a vintage feel, yet the design is completely modern.) I personally find it hard to find the perfect chandelier, so take a look at this as it’s an RFL donation item!

Donate 135L or more to the RFL vendor to get this piece!

prims: 21 prims
permissions yes mod, no copy, yes trans

Next up, the Eloise Mini Outdoors Set. You can never have enough of cool-looking modern sun loungers/deck chairs! This lounger is just two prims. I am admiring ARIA’s realistic towels as usual. This set comes with a drink-giving tray which distributes a range of beautifully sculpted drinks and the towel set.

The lounger itself is texture-change to a total of 11 different texture options, including classic neutrals as well as a bright color palette. There are two options for the tray textures.

Donate 606L or more to the RFL vendor to receive this set!

prims: 18 prims
textures: view ad, 11 textures for lounger
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-animations with props (read a book!)

Lastly, a brand-new release from ARIA, only available at the Home Expo.

The Payton Living Room Set is a lovely new set, my favorite part is the glass coffee-table! The bookcase was what impressed me most, it’s piled full of detailed accessories and typical living room pieces such as stacks of books. Texture change for maximum customization!

prims: 82 prims
textures: a ton of options, view ad!
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans (wall art, TV and lights are modify and transfer)
animations: multi-animations with props

TP to the ARIA booth at the Home Expo to check out these items!

ARIA Hidden Kitchen Set

Posted in Furniture with tags on May 8, 2011 by silver milneaux

OMG this is very very very cool.

I’ve never seen anything like this in SL and I just realized why it’s called “Hidden” kitchen!

Basically this is a cupboard-like kitchen, you open the doors to reveal.. your kitchen! You can leave the doors open if you wish to show off your kitchen and close them when you want your house to look neat. Honestly, I’m sold by just the fact that it comes in an orange and red combination. ARIA always gives an option for very distinctive colours and personally, I’m persuaded to buy certain pieces of ARIA furniture just because it came in hot pink.

Of course, there are classic colours such as white, black and gray for this set, as well as a few other colour options. Do check out the demo to see all the combinations!

Enough about colours, this set also comes with very realistic accessories which can be removed to save on prims, as well as a temp-rezzer fridge chock-full of delicious food! It’s really full, I was shocked when I opened it and every single space in the fridge was filled with things.

There’s ARIA brand frozen meals, even though the four packets are almost identical and partially hidden, Yelo bothered to meticulously change the flavors for all four packets piled on each other. Definitely no scrimping on realistic details or upload costs at ARIA!

Not to mention ICE CREAM, assorted fruit and veg (my favorite lettuce makes an appearance again) as well as wine, eggs, chocolate cake, frozen bacon.. and so much more!

I am only looking at the kitchen, I haven’t even tried sitting on it yet. There is an animation for washing dishes and sweeping, really adorable! Not to mention the two-person sits available among the other animations.

This is definitely one of my favorite releases at ARIA because of its uniqueness in terms of being “hidden”, the colours, the fridge filled with food and the “sweeping” animation haha. Check it out at ARIA!

prims: 45 prims, accessories are removable to save on prims, kitchen is only 27 prims without the accessories.
textures: view ad for 6 base textures, several combinations
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-animations with props (click on the menu and the kitchen will give you a broom, plate, knife etc)

Milo Outdoors Set

Posted in Furniture with tags , , on May 2, 2011 by silver milneaux

New outdoor lounge set available at ARIA!

A total of 144 prims, all accessories are removable. I love that ARIA always includes incredibly detailed accessories so you can choose to use them with other sets! As always, Yelo makes a point to give various texture-change options for the wood and fabric so the same set can be re-used even when you change your house and decor often, the way most of us do. Three different options for fabric and two for wood make a ton of combinations! I personally favor black fabric with the light brown wood option. I especially like the bamboo plants which really add to the atmosphere!

TP to ARIA to try out the animations!

prims: 144, accessories are detachable
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-sit, click on each chair to get props such as books which can be used together with the “read” animation for maximum realism!

**ARIA will be sending out an AMAZING(I’m not kidding!) group gift soon, please join the subscribo as only current subscribers can receive the gift! The last gift was a beautiful bookcase tree and the new gift will be something even more useful and versatile, I honestly believe everyone will love it!