Milo Outdoors Set

New outdoor lounge set available at ARIA!

A total of 144 prims, all accessories are removable. I love that ARIA always includes incredibly detailed accessories so you can choose to use them with other sets! As always, Yelo makes a point to give various texture-change options for the wood and fabric so the same set can be re-used even when you change your house and decor often, the way most of us do. Three different options for fabric and two for wood make a ton of combinations! I personally favor black fabric with the light brown wood option. I especially like the bamboo plants which really add to the atmosphere!

TP to ARIA to try out the animations!

prims: 144, accessories are detachable
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-sit, click on each chair to get props such as books which can be used together with the “read” animation for maximum realism!

**ARIA will be sending out an AMAZING(I’m not kidding!) group gift soon, please join the subscribo as only current subscribers can receive the gift! The last gift was a beautiful bookcase tree and the new gift will be something even more useful and versatile, I honestly believe everyone will love it!

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