ARIA at Home Expo!

Hello, happy weekend!

ARIA will be participating in the Home Expo and there is a new release, available at the Expo, as well as two RFL donation items! New items would be available instore after the expo.

The Elanor Linear Chandelier is a beautifully sculpted modern chandelier that adds a somewhat vintage touch to any home. (In my opinion, the sculpted chandelier crystals are really classic and have a vintage feel, yet the design is completely modern.) I personally find it hard to find the perfect chandelier, so take a look at this as it’s an RFL donation item!

Donate 135L or more to the RFL vendor to get this piece!

prims: 21 prims
permissions yes mod, no copy, yes trans

Next up, the Eloise Mini Outdoors Set. You can never have enough of cool-looking modern sun loungers/deck chairs! This lounger is just two prims. I am admiring ARIA’s realistic towels as usual. This set comes with a drink-giving tray which distributes a range of beautifully sculpted drinks and the towel set.

The lounger itself is texture-change to a total of 11 different texture options, including classic neutrals as well as a bright color palette. There are two options for the tray textures.

Donate 606L or more to the RFL vendor to receive this set!

prims: 18 prims
textures: view ad, 11 textures for lounger
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-animations with props (read a book!)

Lastly, a brand-new release from ARIA, only available at the Home Expo.

The Payton Living Room Set is a lovely new set, my favorite part is the glass coffee-table! The bookcase was what impressed me most, it’s piled full of detailed accessories and typical living room pieces such as stacks of books. Texture change for maximum customization!

prims: 82 prims
textures: a ton of options, view ad!
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans (wall art, TV and lights are modify and transfer)
animations: multi-animations with props

TP to the ARIA booth at the Home Expo to check out these items!

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