ARIA Bridget dining room set

New dining room set available at ARIA‘s mainstore! Don’t forget to check out the new release and RFL items at ARIA’s Home Expo booth, some good deals with 100% of the donation going to RFL! More details here.

I think that one of ARIA‘s strengths is low-prim, realistic flowers and plants – I see flowers and plants from ARIA being used in lots of my favorite stores. This set has a vase with pink marigolds as the centerpiece and I’m really in love with it! The Bridget leafy plant is also very pretty and just five prims despite having 18 detailed leaves and a pot and at least two stalks. I always wonder how Yelo does it!

Enough about plants though, the chairs are packed full of animations as always. The chair also gives accessories and cutlery for use together with the animations in order to enhance your overall eating experience. There are even different eating and sitting animations for females and males!

Check out this new release at ARIA!

prims: 68 prims, accessories are removable to save on prims
textures: view ad for 5 wood textures and 6 leather textures
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans. Wall art and light are modifiable and transfer. Chairs are copiable.
animations: multi-animations with props (click on the chair and it will give you a fork, knife etc)

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