ARIA Samsara outdoors spa set

New Samsara outdoors spa set and massage table from ARIA!

Kind of in love with this outdoor hot tub and spa set from ARIA, a must-have for any beach home. These are actual pictures of my place right now, I put the whole set out and I’m lounging about in the hot tub trying out the steam, hot water and animations!

Yelo mentioned that she wanted to update her range of hot tubs and what she came up with is definitely up to current standards. As always, ARIA adds a homey touch with the luxurious little accessories like the champagne bottle in ice, as well as the little table with incredibly detailed orchids. Not to mention the decorative flip-flops and the robe strewn on the ground. For those of us who can’t spare the time for a Bali getaway in real life, we can have a little of it in SL!

The hot tub is packed full of animations, both single animations and couple animations. You can choose the water level, jets and temperature. Best of all, it’s just 16 prims. The massage table, 8 prims, has a ton of interesting massage animations in it, definitely try it out with a partner! The towels on the massage table are also texture-change to black, white and lime.

The colors on the hot tub and massage table are customizable as always with several options, so you’ll always have colors to match any exterior. You can even sip champagne and read a book in the hot tub, just click the “Accessories” tab, wear the item given and select the appropriate animation. I always feel like I get my money’s worth at ARIA with the multiple texture options and the animations with accessories.

Check out this new release at ARIA!


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