ARIA Reed outdoors/indoors dining set

Reed outdoor/indoor dining set, new release at ARIA!

My favorite part is definitely the lime-green barbecue grill. It’s also texture-change to navy, red, and black so you never have to decide on just one color. I didn’t even have to open the cover to know it was my favorite, but then I opened it and omg! sculpted food! Corn, beef patties, steak, sausages and all manner of deliciousness, complete with steam rising from the coals. There are animations for grilling the food included as well.

Now for the picnic table! What caught my attention immediately was the beer. 3 prims for 6 bottles of beer, definitely something you can use together with other sets.. like if you want to balance 6 beers on your bedside table.

The summer hat, a decorative piece only, left on the seat of the picnic table also adds a nice touch, it’s the details like these that make ARIA sets so much more human. Not to mention the fact that I would totally take the hat and attach it to my head and wear it in a fashion post, but I guess not, since the hat has an attached shadow, haha. Decorative only, I love floppy hats though! (The hat is only 70 lindens if you want to buy it and throw it around your house for a lived-in feel, a must-buy, in my opinion.)

The picnic table is also packed with sitting and dining animations and rezzes props for a realistic dining experience! This set is usable indoors as well as outdoors.

Take a look for yourself at ARIA!

prims: 61 prims
textures: view ad for 4 wood textures and 4 grill textures
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-animations with props

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