Harper bathroom set & Retrovision bubble chair

New releases at ARIA! Click the pictures to see them at their actual size.

ARIA has the loveliest new Harper bathroom set out, including a girly theme! Prettiest bathroom from ARIA ever.

One of the things I get most excited about with ARIA furniture are the animations with rezzable props. The bathtub not only has couple animations, but it comes with an option to “drink and read” which rezzes candles and rose petals while giving you a glass of champagne and a book to read, really relaxing. I love the option to have pink textures on the bathroom set as well! The sink is also filled with animations, particularly some catered to us girls, with a nail polish painting animation, a lipstick-wearing animation among others. Yelo mentioned that the nail-polish and the shaving animation (for men, or you could also use it if you have a lady-SL-moustache) were the hardest to find!

The props that were lovingly created specially for these animations were also painstakingly textured and created, they are incredibly detailed as always. The nail polish is practically dripping off the nail polish brush that is included with the animation, and the left hand holds the nail polish bottle!

Next up, the Retrovision bubble chair. Bubble chairs with their swinging animation are one of my favorite things in SL because I know I’ll never have one in real life! The fabric comes in a multitude of bright and neutral colors so you can mix and match. Demo the chair at ARIA!

Harper bathroom set
prims: 101
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans (Shower curtain is modify)
animations: single and couple animations, rezzes and gives props
textures: vases and ceramics are texture change, frame textures and fabric textures come in a variety of options. Take a look at the ad for the various fabrics!

Retrovision bubble chair
prims: 8
permissions: yes mod, no copy, yes trans
multi-sit animations with props
fabric options: 9 textures

A little aside that I wrote when I first started this post and was wandering around the new releases room at ARIA where the panda plushies are –

ARIA work just gets better and better.

Sorry if I sound biased but I just retrieved an adorable ARIA panda plushie that had been lying in my inventory and put it out at my home. A friend and I were wandering around ARIA two years ago, way before I knew Yelo, and I think I was clicking on at the panda plushie to check the price and he bought it and “transfer”-ed it to me. Omg yay I remember happily putting it out on my bed at that time. (I mean I did buy other things from ARIA when I was younger, but you know, it’s nice when boys give you stuff. Same in RL and SL eh?)

So guys, you can buy pretty, realistic, plushies at ARIA and “transfer” them to your girl friends! Or boy friends! They still completely look up-to-date with current SL standards.


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