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Clementine bedroom set

Posted in Furniture with tags on November 21, 2011 by silver milneaux

It’s safe to say that this is my dream bedroom. Click the picture for a better look.

Not to be cheesy, but when I see some of ARIA’s releases that I particularly like, I really wish I could live in Second Life forever.

Let’s list the things that make this so perfect – the ceiling television positioned just right for lazing around in bed, the rumpled bedcovers, my favorite b&w fabric textures, the empty canvases behind the bed, the mod sculpture, the makeup, and best of all, CLOTHES. Oh and check out the zipper on that makeup pouch!

The bed’s animations have been updated (new jumps anyone?) and you can do push-ups and sit-ups too! New rezzable props have been added as well, the “book-reading” has been replaced by “tablet-reading”, complete with sculpted ipad! You can still choose to read a newspaper. Intimate animations are also available for those of you who don’t live alone like me. HAHA I’m actually playing with the couple animations with Alan now! There are some very “casual” (not “casual sex”, but “casual”) and platonic ones, pretty romantic. There are ten categories of animations, and each category has a range of animations, so definitely something for everyone! Aww, my favorite is the “Be Together” category.

Yelo said she had to stop herself from putting even more fabric textures in the bed, so rest assured that there’s really a ton of options for her latest bed.. I favor the black and white textures most, but there are also vintage floral prints. Love love the rumpled bedspread.

In other news, we got a blog comment from a woman who wanted to buy the Salvador Black Dining Set in real life! Heh, she even left her phone number. ARIA’s sets just look so real and tempting, eh.

Bedheads at ARIA!

prims: 138 prims total, accessories are detachable, bed is only 7 prims! I just overheard a customer say “omg I want this bed” instore haha. I quickly jumped off the bed and let an actual customer use it.
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: 10 categories of animations for bed, each category has a variety of animations.. new animations have been added!


Delphine bathroom set

Posted in Furniture with tags on November 21, 2011 by silver milneaux

New Delphine bathroom set at ARIA! Click the pictures to see them at their actual size.

A gorgeous vintage bathtub with clawed feet and brass/iron pipes. Metals are texture-change if you’re picky like that, but I love the “copper” gold! You can also choose to select the “chrome” silver. Crazy attention to detail as always – the most detailed flowers in ARIA’s catalogue are included with this set, the vase of delicate purple orchids. I love the vintage feel of this bathroom!

Animations-wise, my favorite animation is the “shave legs” animation whereby the bathtub temp-rezzes an entire tray of liquid soaps and sponges in a nifty metal shelf, not to mention giving you a razor blade to shave your legs with! I think I love just standing in ARIA and playing around with the animations, always a surprise. I still really enjoy the nail-polish animation at the sink, where you are given a beautifully sculpted nail polish bottle and brush. Perfect for girls especially! (But honestly, I’d love to paint my man’s toenails black.) Don’t forget that you can also read a newspaper on the loo! Yelo has also added some new bubbles to the bathtub, try “drinking and reading” animation to rezz the bubbles!

Always some top-quality, lovingly thought-through furniture at ARIA!

prims: 90, accessories are detachable
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-sit, click on each item, some animations give you super-realistic props!