Delphine bathroom set

New Delphine bathroom set at ARIA! Click the pictures to see them at their actual size.

A gorgeous vintage bathtub with clawed feet and brass/iron pipes. Metals are texture-change if you’re picky like that, but I love the “copper” gold! You can also choose to select the “chrome” silver. Crazy attention to detail as always – the most detailed flowers in ARIA’s catalogue are included with this set, the vase of delicate purple orchids. I love the vintage feel of this bathroom!

Animations-wise, my favorite animation is the “shave legs” animation whereby the bathtub temp-rezzes an entire tray of liquid soaps and sponges in a nifty metal shelf, not to mention giving you a razor blade to shave your legs with! I think I love just standing in ARIA and playing around with the animations, always a surprise. I still really enjoy the nail-polish animation at the sink, where you are given a beautifully sculpted nail polish bottle and brush. Perfect for girls especially! (But honestly, I’d love to paint my man’s toenails black.) Don’t forget that you can also read a newspaper on the loo! Yelo has also added some new bubbles to the bathtub, try “drinking and reading” animation to rezz the bubbles!

Always some top-quality, lovingly thought-through furniture at ARIA!

prims: 90, accessories are detachable
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-sit, click on each item, some animations give you super-realistic props!

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