Yarina Fireplace and Reading Corner + new group gift!

ARIA has a new MESH set out, this mini fireplace/lounge area. ARIA’s started building with mesh, so do expect more mesh creations in future. It’s Yelo’s first fully mesh mini-set, other than the carpet that is. I love the bird cushion the most and I told her that heh. The little books on the table are also new, Yelo often makes new little accessories to match her sets, instead of just re-using accessories from older sets! Another good reason to buy the entire set even if you’ve purchased older lounge sets.

Note that there are many texture change options included and the armless chair rezzes props to go with the animations.

No mod*/No copy/Trans
*fireplace and the wall piece are mod
29 prims total

Announcement of the past group gift! There are gifts from ARIA quite often, however, you are unable to receive them unless you were in the subscribo when the gift was given out. Please do join the subscribo so that you will receive future group gifts, it’s free and each gift is worth at least 100L, if not way more than that, sometimes the gifts are texture-change, too. Once Yelo gave a super fluffy armchair with a ton of fabric textures!

The latest gift was this set of MESH vases, so pretty and well, it’s selling for full price now. Do click the subscribo to join for future gifts!

TP to ARIA to join the subscribo and check out the new mesh fireplace set!

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