Nina Set Release


New release by ARIA Interior. It took a lot of work by Yelo to do this set, but it’s finally done and it’s looking amazing 🙂

The Nina Living Room set makes a total of 37 Land Impact when rezzed like the setup it’s been arranged at in the pictures and at the main store. High detail but rather low in prim impact. It is Transfer and some of the items are Modifiable (but please mind that changing the size of the item may influence the LI of that item).

There are many texture options offered for the items and many combinations that can be made out of them.

The sofa can sit up to 3 avatars, there are social, romantic and single interactions which include props rezzed or given for some of the. Yelo also took time to redo all the props into mesh.

The Poufs include single animations with rezzable and given props.

Please excuse the main store, as it’s being finished up so there’s some dust around the place and the lack of a proper Teleport system, also make sure to pick up Yelo’s older sculpted items as they’re reduced in price and will be removed permanently as Yelo increases her mesh items.

Teleport to Aria

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