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Raquel Dining Room Release

Posted in Furniture with tags , , , , , , on May 5, 2013 by Sommer


New release by ARIA Interior! Today Aria has released a new Dining Set, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Raquel is a modern minimalist with industrial touches dining room set. Includes 14 baked textures for the chairs, 5 baked textures for the wooden items, 6 baked texture for the flowers and two for the potted palm tree planter. The chairs include several categories of animations such as dining, chat, work and general sits for male and female avatars as well as rezzable and given props for some of the animations to compliment them (including full meals and dessert).

Permissions and Land Impact

Chair YES Copy | No Mod | No Trans – 2 LI each
Dining table No Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 1 LI
Sideboard No Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 1LI
Vase with lilacs No Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 3 LI each (3 are included)
Vases collection No Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 1LI
Potted palm  No Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 3LI
Art YES Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 1LI
Lights YES Mod |No Copy | Yes Trans – 6 LI

Please remember, with the modifiable items if you change the size of the item the land impact also can change.

Please excuse the main store, as it’s being finished up so there’s some dust around the place and the lack of a proper Teleport system, also make sure to pick up Yelo’s older sculpted items as they’re reduced in price and will be removed permanently as Yelo increases her mesh items.

Teleport to Aria

Also, if you’ve decorated your house with any Aria Interior furniture items please post them in our new flickr group and links have been added on the sidebar, to the marketplace, store in-world and social networks for your convenience.