Martina outdoor set

For this round of The Garden, themed the Riviera, I made the Eva dining It would be available there throughout the event duration.

Eva dining set -PG- @ The garden!            Eva dining set -ADULT- @ The garden!

42LI as on display.
Modern coastal inspired, the Eva dining set includes four variations of the dining chair; with and without a slipcover and without or without a decorative cushion. The chair also comes in two maturity levels, PG or adult. There are many base color textures to choose from as well as cushion textures and the chair would sit up to two avatars(for couple animations).

The table and sideboard have three wood textures to choose from, the light has 6 and the Plumerias have 9.

Everything is materials enabled and comes with copy and modify permissions.

SURL : The Garden


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