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Imogen Pallet Bed

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Imogen pallet bed_ad

For this round of the TMD, it I offer the Imogen pallet bed sofa in two versions and two maturity levels for a special price for the event duration. The PG version is 200L and the adult version is 300L

It´s a simple but fun bed, it is 13 LI due to high level of detail, there are 4 sets of bedding built into it, it comes either in PG or mature and is copy and modify as well as materials enabled.

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Arlette picnic set

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ARIA - Arlette picnic set


For this round of FaMESHed, in the spirit of summer, (even if it´s the middle of the winter here), I made the Arlette picnic set.
It totals at 27 LI and it includes a picnic blanket that contains many fun animations for single avatars and couples, many of those include rezzable and give-able props.

There are also many several decorative items to make the set feel more complete.
I included many texture options for the picnic blanket, basket and flowers.
All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Fameshed taxi.