Blair mini Living Set at Uber!

ARIA participates in the upcoming round of Uber, themed Macabre.

For it I made the Blair mini living set.

[ARIA] Blair mini Living SET (PG) at Uber!  [ARIA] Blair mini Living SET (Adult) at Uber!

It includes a two sitter sofa, it comes with 5 leather texture options, 3 metal options and 3 wood options. It has single and couples animations, some of which include rezzable/auto-attachable props and it comes in Adult or PG version.
It also includes a metal trunk coffee table, flowers, decorative antler and a book pile with a metal skull as well as a cushion.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Check it out at UBER!

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One Response to “Blair mini Living Set at Uber!”

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