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Ophelia Living Set at Uber!

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ARIA participates in the upcoming round of Uber, themed “Opulence,” bringing you the Ophelia Living Set.

[ARIA] Ophelia Living Set at Uber!

It’s classic yet glamorous with just the right amount of sparkle. It’s a three piece sitting set with two arm chair variations and one sofa that can sit up to three avatars. while the armchair can accommodate up to two. There are 6 fabric bases, 6 variations for each cushions and 3 types of metal for the metallic parts. The coffee table has animations in it too. The sofa and arm chairs come in either PG or adult versions. There are couples and single animations, some of which include rezzable or/and auto attachable props. The rug has 9 texture variations as well.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Come visit us at Uber!


Gift cards sale!

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Looking for a last minute gift for the holidays? Unsure what to get?

I set the gift cards to 50% off for a very limited time (from today, December 21st to December 25th).

The Gift card vendor is located right in front of the landing point in the store.
Gift card sale

Visit us at the mainstore! 

Piper foyer mini Set at Sou (!

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ARIA was invited to participate in the December round of Sou ( event as a guest. is aimed mainly to promote high quality Japanese brands and they also feature high quality designers from around the globe.

The event starts December 20th.

For it, I made the Piper foyer mini set.
It would be available throughout the event for a 50% discount.

􀀀[ARIA] Piper foyer mini set at Sou! (

It totals 7 LI as displayed.

The bench comes with 6 fabric choices, animations for single and couples. The two cushion pile has 6 fabric options and single cushion has 3.

Everything is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Come see us at Sou (!)

A Festive In-Store Release!

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It´s been forever since I´ve released something in the store so here is a little something for the holidays!

The Nicholas and Elden are alternative Christmas/Yule trees made out of plywood.

The Nicholas model has only one texture (plywood) and is 1 LI.Nicholas plywood tree

The Elden model comes with a skirt, it is 4 LI and has texture options.Elden colored plywood tree

Both lovely trees are copy/mod!

These gift boxes are transfer and modify, in order for you to load your own gifts in and give it to your friends or family. Each box is 2 LI.
Free gift tboxes

All off these fabulously festive items are materials ready!

Come and grab all these new seasonal goodies at the mainstore! 

Emmanuel Winter Chic Gacha at The Mens Dept!

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Out at the TMD tomorrow (05/12/14)!

For this special holiday round of the TMD, I made the Emmanuel winter chic gacha set.

Emmanuel winter chic gacha @ TMD

It´s cozy, warm and festive while not going overboard.. The chaise has single and couples animations some of which have rezzable/ auto-attach props.It has 6 base textures, 6 cushion textures, 6 accent cushion textures and 6 knit textures for the throw. the Birch snowflake has scripted working lights and 3 textures for the string. The rest of the items have fixed textures and everything is trans/modify and materials ready.

Come try your luck to collect all the pieces of this gorgeous set at The Mens Dept!

Trieste Bed at FaMESHed!

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FaMESHed is open today, and ARIA has more newness for you!

Trieste bed @ FaMESHed

Perfect for cozy winter nights, it comes with three preset choices for bedding and rezzable covers. There´s a PG and an adult version available and it can sit up to two avatars, some animations come with rezzable/auto attachable props.

Take a trip to dreamland in this gorgeous materials ready & copy/mod bed!

Pick it up today at FaMESHed!