Peridot Living Set @ LTD!

ARIA is participating in the LTD Event, a new home and garden event, opening TODAY, June 10th!
The LTD event will be a bi-monthly event dedicated to 20-30 home and garden designers. The very best of home and garden will be displayed for the residents of Second Life.

For the occasion ARIA has created the Peridot Living set, a modular minimalist styled set perfect for indoors or out. This set comes with a modular seating system with two seating sections and a table piece, a pendant light, beautifully detailed caladium plant and 7 assorted succulent plants. The seating and table pieces are texture change with 4 different colors. The pendant light can be turned on and off by touch.

Peridot Living @ LTD event

The Peridot set comes in ADULT and PG versions, is copy and modify and totals 27 LI. All items are Materials enabled.


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