Kira Living @ Shiny Shabby!

ARIA will be taking part of the July round of Shiny Shabby. For the event Aria has created the Kira Living mini set!


This trendy set includes a classic modern sofa, tree stump coffee tables, and a beautifully detailed orchid.

The sofa has modern lines, contrasted by the traditional tufting, and accented by the ruffled throw making it perfectly suitable for modern and traditional scenes, complimented by the organic tree stump coffee tables bringing the outdoors in and creating a trendy look. For a final detail, the orchid can add a splash of colour or choose a muted petal to create a calm, monotone space.

The sofa and orchid come with texture change options for you to customize your space. The Kira set is available in PG and ADULT options, both with singles and couples animations, some with attachable props.

The Kira living mini set is 10 LI total, copy and modify, and materials enabled.

Come pick up the Kira Living Mini Set at Shiny Shabby opening today, the 20th of July!

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