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Nicola Vignette @ Tannenbaum!

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Coming back for the 2016 holidays is Tannenbaum Holiday Market, and we’re welcoming the holiday spirit in with the Nicola vignette, a simple yet cozy set of holiday decor perfect for your winter home.


This classic styled console with a distressed finish is a perfect mix of traditional and rustic, giving a warm cozy feeling, a perfect base for your winter decor. A beautifully detailed pine garland accented with pine cones lays atop the table, and would be perfect for your mantle piece too. A wooden frame and star, as well as a Merry & Bright print add some holiday fun to the set, along with some unique wooden trees.

Both the console table and decorative star and frame have texture change options. A beautiful yet muted red, a bright wintery white, and a neutral black.

The Nicola set totals 18 land impact as displayed, and all items are copy and modify.

This set will be available at Tannenbaum, open from November 25th till December 25th.


Black Friday Sale!

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ARIA will be having a store-wide Black Friday sale starting November 24th 2016 and ending November 25th at 11:59 PM.
The sale does not include giftcards and gachas.

Come visit us at the mainstore!


Aradia Set (a collaboration with The Loft) @ Collabor88!

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Collabor88 is ready for the November round with the theme Creatures of the Night. With this unique theme and bold colour palette in mind, The Loft and Aria have created the Aradia set, a classy yet curious set with bold, striking features.

The Aradia settee catches your eye, a classy high back piece with contemporary lines, contrasted by the unique side tables, and the striking light fixture. An elegant contemporary standing mirror, potted orchid and faux hide rug round off this set.

All items come with texture change options with purchase of the full set. Individual colours are sold individually as well. The light turns on and off when touched, and the orchid comes with texture change options.

The Aradia Settee comes in PG and Adult options, each packed with single and couple animations, some with auto rezz and wearable props.

The Aradia set totals 27 land impact as displayed, and each item is copy and modifiable.

Come to Collabor88 opening November 8th to check out this set!


Brynn Leather Sofa in November’s Deco(c)rate!

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The first Deco(c)rate releases on November 8th, this event is a monthly mystery box featuring 15 semi-exclusive home & decor items. The theme for November’s box is November Rain.

For this month’s box ARIA has contributed the Brynn Leather Sofa, a casual modern styled sofa in a classic leather finish. The sofa comes with 3 colour variations. Espresso, a dark, rich brown leather. Graphite, classic dark gray leather. And Chestnut, a lighter brown leather with warm orange red tones. Each accessible via menu.


The Brynn sofa is loaded with singles, friends and PG couples animations, some with auto rezz and wearable props.

The sofa is 9 land impact, and is copy and modify.

To pre-order your November Deco(c)rate, TP to the Deco(c)rate HQ and pay the kiosk! Claim your box by November 7th to get a 50% discount, the box will be delivered on the 8th!

For more details visit the Deco(c)rate website, and like the Facebook page.

COMING SOON – Deco(c)rate!

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ARIA is excited to be a part of the BRAND NEW Deco(c)rate!

Deco(c)rate Logo

Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh decor, home and garden items. Deco(c)rate will deliver 15 quality semi-exclusive items from SL’s best home, garden & deco designers directly to your inventory every month.

Visit one of the Deco(c)rate kiosks in-world to sign up for automatic delivery of your monthly Deco(c)rate, or check out the Deco(c)rate website for more details!