Nouvel Set @ FaMESHed!

ARIA is part of the April round and has created the Nouvel set, perfect for a sitting room, living room, or even outdoors!

The Nouvel set has a classic mid century modern feel, with some playful accents. The set includes an armchair, with and without a throw pillow, a pouf, and 2 side tables, including a unique ceramic table with a fun shape. It also included is a rug, 2 potted plants and a decorative water carafe.

The chairs, pouf, ceramic table, and rug each come with texture change options to customize the look to your tastes.

The Nouvel chair is packed full of singles and couples poses, and comes in PG and ADULT options, and the pouf comes with singles poses, each include some auto rezz and auto- attachable props.

This set totals 18 land impact as displayed, and each piece is copy and modifiable.

Come pick up the Nouvel set at FaMESHed, open through out the month of April!

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