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Dido Living Set @ Uber!

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UBER is back with a birthday round! ARIA is celebrating this milestone with the Dido living set!

Straight lines, sharp crisp angles, and bold colours make the Dido sofa a feature in any room, flanked by angular lounge chairs create a classy yet elegant space. A round topped stone coffee table, and a seemingly delicate glass pendant lamp contrast the sharp angles. A vase of lilies, book stack, and pair of bowls accent the table top. A highly detailed cheese platter, and wine glasses are also available, and ready to nibble on.

The Dido sofa comes with 7 upholstery options, including bold reds and blues, and neutral black, and silvers. The chairs include 3 leather options, and solid and patterned pillow fabrics, while the coffee table includes light, and dark stone options. The lilies in the vase also includes colour options for the flowers.

Both the sofa and lounge chairs some in adult, and PG options, each packed full of single, and couples poses, some of which include auto attach, and rezzable props.

The Dido living set totals 31 land impact as displayed, and each piece is copy and modifiable.

Stop by UBER this round and celebrate their birthday round with ARIA!


Dominique Outdoor Shower @ Summerfest!

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For the upcoming Summerfest, ARIA has created the Dominique outdoor shower mini set.

Whether by the pool, beach, or back door the Dominique outdoor shower is a staple for outdoor activities. Complete with the shower, towels, shelf, and soap, this set has everything you need in a simple, traditional style suitable almost anywhere!

The towels come with a variety of colours to choose from.

The Dominique shower is available in PG and ADULT options, each packed with single, and couples poses.

The set totals 14 land impact as displayed, and each item is copy and modifiable.

Put on your sun lotion and run over to Summerfest, opening June 30th!