Arden Living Set @ Uber!

For the next round of Uber, ARIA presents the Arden Living room set, a clean take on classic comfort, with a luxurious feel.

With turned caster legs, and clean lines, the Arden sofa lends a casual elegance to any space, embellished with a matching throw and a pair of pillows to add a casual feel. A trio of geometric marble slabs create a luxe coffee table, while the cable weave rug adds a touch of cozy. The styling is finished with table top decor, wall art, and a pair of plants.

The sofa, throw, and pillows, as well as the coffee table, and rug each have texture change options to create a personalized look.

The Arden sofa comes in PG and Adult options, each packed full of single, friends, and couples animations, some of which come with special made props.

The set totals 25 land impact as displayed and each piece is copy and modifiable.

Stop by UBER opening November 25th to pick up this set!

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