Magda Bedroom Decor for Deco(c)rate!

Decocrate is off to Paris for this month’s box!

With this Parisian theme, ARIA brings you Magda, a classic vintage bedroom set with an updated contemporary feel.

The Magda set comes with just what you need to add a touch of vintage Paris to your home, with the classic belgrave style headboard, a vintage, lightly distressed side table, and a teacup pendant light. Overall this set creates an old world European feel while staying contemporary, it is sure to fit any style!

The headboard comes with neutral tones, soft colours, and a floral print, while the side table comes with a variety of lightly distressed wood finishes. The teacup pendant light comes with white porcelain and a floral print option as well.

The Magda set totals just 8 land impact, and each piece is copy and modifiable.

To pre-order your Deco(c)rate box, stop by the Deco(c)rate HQ and pay the kiosk! Claim your next box by March 7th to get a 50% discount, the box will be delivered on the 8th!

For more details visit the Deco(c)rate website and like the Facebook page!


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