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Gift cards sale!

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Looking for a last minute gift for the holidays? Unsure what to get?

I set the gift cards to 50% off for a very limited time (from today, December 21st to December 25th).

The Gift card vendor is located right in front of the landing point in the store.
Gift card sale

Visit us at the mainstore! 

A Festive In-Store Release!

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It´s been forever since I´ve released something in the store so here is a little something for the holidays!

The Nicholas and Elden are alternative Christmas/Yule trees made out of plywood.

The Nicholas model has only one texture (plywood) and is 1 LI.Nicholas plywood tree

The Elden model comes with a skirt, it is 4 LI and has texture options.Elden colored plywood tree

Both lovely trees are copy/mod!

These gift boxes are transfer and modify, in order for you to load your own gifts in and give it to your friends or family. Each box is 2 LI.
Free gift tboxes

All off these fabulously festive items are materials ready!

Come and grab all these new seasonal goodies at the mainstore! 

New Update and Easter Gift

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Yelo has been at it again, this time starting out with a mini set

Hello Sommer.Image

8 | Land Impact
No mod | No Copy | YES Transfer
The bench has 5 built in baked textures

That’s right she’s started making summery type furniture, which is exciting to see with mesh.

Teleport to ARIA and while your there remember all of Yelo’s sculpted stuff is also on sale as she creates more mesh stuff she’ll be removing the sculpted stuff for good so remember to have a look around too, and excuse the dust as things are being settled and the TP system isn’t working properly as of yet.

Also if you are a member of the subscriber system, you would have received a little gift with your news. Hope you enjoy and happy easter!

Go Visit ARIA

Kind regards,

Aria Group Gift

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A new group gift is available for the members of the update group (thought only present members will be able to receive it) if you haven’t got the gift from some reason, the group terminal stores past notices and clicking it you’ll be able to get it. The shelf would be available for sale in store tomorrow.

Yarina Fireplace and Reading Corner + new group gift!

Posted in Furniture, Group Gifts on February 25, 2012 by silver milneaux

ARIA has a new MESH set out, this mini fireplace/lounge area. ARIA’s started building with mesh, so do expect more mesh creations in future. It’s Yelo’s first fully mesh mini-set, other than the carpet that is. I love the bird cushion the most and I told her that heh. The little books on the table are also new, Yelo often makes new little accessories to match her sets, instead of just re-using accessories from older sets! Another good reason to buy the entire set even if you’ve purchased older lounge sets.

Note that there are many texture change options included and the armless chair rezzes props to go with the animations.

No mod*/No copy/Trans
*fireplace and the wall piece are mod
29 prims total

Announcement of the past group gift! There are gifts from ARIA quite often, however, you are unable to receive them unless you were in the subscribo when the gift was given out. Please do join the subscribo so that you will receive future group gifts, it’s free and each gift is worth at least 100L, if not way more than that, sometimes the gifts are texture-change, too. Once Yelo gave a super fluffy armchair with a ton of fabric textures!

The latest gift was this set of MESH vases, so pretty and well, it’s selling for full price now. Do click the subscribo to join for future gifts!

TP to ARIA to join the subscribo and check out the new mesh fireplace set!