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Baxter Bathroom Suite (a collaboration with The Loft) @ Uber!

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We bring you another collaboration from Aria & The Loft for this freestyle round of Uber, open today!

The Baxter bathroom suite is elegant, glamorous and comes with industrial chic touches. The suite comes with a marble double sink, bathtub, toilet, cabinets, mirror, wall lights and a ceiling light as well as a side table/stool and accessories.


The Baxter bathroom suite totals at 50 LI, it comes with copy and modify permissions and is materials ready.

There are two versions for the sink and bathtub, adult or family/pg.

Come visit us at this round of UBER!


Blackwell bathroom set @ FaMESHed!

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ARIA participates in the upcoming round of FaMESHed with the Blackwell bathroom set.


It’s modern adn fluid and packed with fun animations. There are two versions available, adult or PG.  There are two texture variations for all the large pieces, 3 for the towel and laundry hamper (which comes in 2 versions, full and empty, both included wit the sale.).

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Come visit us, and grab the new Blackwell bathroom set at this month’s round of FaMESHed!

Releases Roundup

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Here is a release roundup of  the second part of the month

ARIA Is participating in the first round of Consensual.

Consensual is an adult furniture event which will be running Sept 26th – Oct 5th, with some of the best creators in SL.

Consensual will open on the last weekend: Friday (Sept 26th 12PM SLT – opening day), and run through until Sunday (Closing Oct 5th 12PM SLT – last day)

Throughout the even duration, the items would be available in the adult version with a 30% discount (40% off for the entire set) of the normal price. The PG version would be available in my store soon)

For it, I made the Torino bathroom set.

Torino bathroom set @ Consensual

It totals 43 LI as displayed.

The set includes animated bathtub, sink and toilet which can be used by max. of two avatars at a time. They include single and couple animations, texture change, rezzable and auto-attach props. there are also many deco items some of which, change textures.


Visit ARIA at Consensual



ARIA was invited to participate in this round of event as a guest. is aimed mainly to promote high quality Japanese brands and they also feature high quality designers from around the globe.

The event started September 20th.

For it, I made the Sorrel console bar set.

Sorrel console bar SET @

It totals 12 LI as displayed.

The console comes with three texture options and a none decorated version is included shall you wish to decorate it to your liking. The tulips come 12 texture options.
Visit ARIA at!


All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

ARIA online:


Perigrine Modular Collection @ Uber

Flickr group:

Kimmy Rare™ – Décor

Facebook group:
Facebook page:



Vivien Bathroom at FaMESHed

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ARIA  participates  in this round of FaMESHed and for it I made the  Vivien bathroom set and it would be available there throughout the event duration.
Vivien Bathroom SET @ FaMESHed
34LI as on display.
The bathroom has 4 option for ceramics and a concrete sink with 4 wooden shelf texture options, the floor rug offers many textures to choose from as well. The bathtub sits a maximum of two avatars and includes single and couple animations one of which is a romantic sequence.
The whole set includes rezzable and give-able props and it is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Available at FaMESHed this month!

Delphine bathroom set

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New Delphine bathroom set at ARIA! Click the pictures to see them at their actual size.

A gorgeous vintage bathtub with clawed feet and brass/iron pipes. Metals are texture-change if you’re picky like that, but I love the “copper” gold! You can also choose to select the “chrome” silver. Crazy attention to detail as always – the most detailed flowers in ARIA’s catalogue are included with this set, the vase of delicate purple orchids. I love the vintage feel of this bathroom!

Animations-wise, my favorite animation is the “shave legs” animation whereby the bathtub temp-rezzes an entire tray of liquid soaps and sponges in a nifty metal shelf, not to mention giving you a razor blade to shave your legs with! I think I love just standing in ARIA and playing around with the animations, always a surprise. I still really enjoy the nail-polish animation at the sink, where you are given a beautifully sculpted nail polish bottle and brush. Perfect for girls especially! (But honestly, I’d love to paint my man’s toenails black.) Don’t forget that you can also read a newspaper on the loo! Yelo has also added some new bubbles to the bathtub, try “drinking and reading” animation to rezz the bubbles!

Always some top-quality, lovingly thought-through furniture at ARIA!

prims: 90, accessories are detachable
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-sit, click on each item, some animations give you super-realistic props!

Harper bathroom set & Retrovision bubble chair

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New releases at ARIA! Click the pictures to see them at their actual size.

ARIA has the loveliest new Harper bathroom set out, including a girly theme! Prettiest bathroom from ARIA ever.

One of the things I get most excited about with ARIA furniture are the animations with rezzable props. The bathtub not only has couple animations, but it comes with an option to “drink and read” which rezzes candles and rose petals while giving you a glass of champagne and a book to read, really relaxing. I love the option to have pink textures on the bathroom set as well! The sink is also filled with animations, particularly some catered to us girls, with a nail polish painting animation, a lipstick-wearing animation among others. Yelo mentioned that the nail-polish and the shaving animation (for men, or you could also use it if you have a lady-SL-moustache) were the hardest to find!

The props that were lovingly created specially for these animations were also painstakingly textured and created, they are incredibly detailed as always. The nail polish is practically dripping off the nail polish brush that is included with the animation, and the left hand holds the nail polish bottle!

Next up, the Retrovision bubble chair. Bubble chairs with their swinging animation are one of my favorite things in SL because I know I’ll never have one in real life! The fabric comes in a multitude of bright and neutral colors so you can mix and match. Demo the chair at ARIA!

Harper bathroom set
prims: 101
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans (Shower curtain is modify)
animations: single and couple animations, rezzes and gives props
textures: vases and ceramics are texture change, frame textures and fabric textures come in a variety of options. Take a look at the ad for the various fabrics!

Retrovision bubble chair
prims: 8
permissions: yes mod, no copy, yes trans
multi-sit animations with props
fabric options: 9 textures

A little aside that I wrote when I first started this post and was wandering around the new releases room at ARIA where the panda plushies are –

ARIA work just gets better and better.

Sorry if I sound biased but I just retrieved an adorable ARIA panda plushie that had been lying in my inventory and put it out at my home. A friend and I were wandering around ARIA two years ago, way before I knew Yelo, and I think I was clicking on at the panda plushie to check the price and he bought it and “transfer”-ed it to me. Omg yay I remember happily putting it out on my bed at that time. (I mean I did buy other things from ARIA when I was younger, but you know, it’s nice when boys give you stuff. Same in RL and SL eh?)

So guys, you can buy pretty, realistic, plushies at ARIA and “transfer” them to your girl friends! Or boy friends! They still completely look up-to-date with current SL standards.