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Hayden Bedroom Set @ 6th Republic!

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ARIA will be participating in the “Chicago Trade” round of 6th Republic, opening November 6th, bringing you the gorgeous Hayden Bedroom Set!


This warm, inviting bedroom set comes with bed, nightstand, table lamps, clothing rack, and mirror. A canvas rug, and potted succulents finish off this set.

The bed, nightstand, clothing rack and rug come with texture change options. The Hayden Bedroom set comes in PG and ADULT options, and 3 different color group options; Neutral, Bright and Primary each with hand-picked poses for single and couples, many with attachable and auto-rezz props. The table light comes in 3 colors and turns on and off by touch.

The Hayden Bedroom set is 31 LI total, copy and modify, and materials enabled!

Come pick up this set at 6th Republic, opening November 6th


Devon bedroom @ Uber!

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[ARIA] and The Loft - Devon bedroom @ Uber!

ARIA and The Loft have prepared a special collaboration for this month’s round of Uber.

The Devon bedroom suite includes a highly detailed bed with two built in modes, made or messy. Available is a wide range of smooth and flowing animations as well as a selection of pre-made sequences with fun and sensual interactions for single avatars, couples and a friends. Many of the animations come with rezzable or auto-attachable props.

Come grab this special collaborative set from ARIA and The Loft at this round of Uber!

Willa bedroom Set @ Uber!

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ARIA is participating in this bohemian-themed round of Uber!

[ARIA] Willa bedroom Set @ UBER!

The Willa bedroom set is available in either a PG or adult version for the bed, packed with 6 texture choices, animations for singles and couples, some of which include rezzable/auto attachable props. The dresser and side table, come with 6 texture choices and two versions (chipped and plain) both are included in the set. The rug and tapestry include 6 and 9 texture options respectively, the light offers 3 choices for the metallic part as well as on and off option and the potted Aspidistra has two choices for the plant part.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Come grab the Willa bedroom Set at Uber, open TODAY! 

Aidan Bedroom Mini Set at The Mens Dept!

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For this round of The Mens Dept, ARIA brings you a bedroom mini-set. It will be available starting January 5th and thorough the duration of the event for a special and heavily discounted price for individual items and set.

The Aidan bedroom mini set includes a bed (available in PG or adult), a side table and a table light. The bed has single and couples animations some of which have rezzable/ auto-attach props. There are 3 texture presets for all the bed parts and individual parts are changeable too. The table light comes with 3 metal accent options and 3 lampshade fabric choices. The side table comes only in a glass texture.

Everything is copy/modify and materials ready.

Come grab the Aidan Bedroom Mini set at The Mens Dept!

Decima daybed at N-TwentyOne!

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Out today (21/11/2014) for N-TwentyOne!

Decima daybed @ N-TwentyOne

Decima daybed plain @ N-TwentyOne

Comes in a pre-decorated version and a plain version. There are three options for leather, 5 for the knit throw and 6 for the cushions for the pre-decorated version and three leather options for the plain one. It comes with single and couples animations, some of which rez/auto attach props.

Both versions are materials ready and copy/mod!

Come grab it here!

Colette Bedroom

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This set is a little different to your traditional bedroom set, its more organic then your ordinary bed and suited to I think a beachy or a very open space. It comes with lots of little items to really set your bedroom off!

The prims are only at 88 for the entire set! Which I think is really good, and most permissions are trans but they vary from item to item.

Go visit this set at ARIA!