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Nicola Vignette @ Tannenbaum!

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Coming back for the 2016 holidays is Tannenbaum Holiday Market, and we’re welcoming the holiday spirit in with the Nicola vignette, a simple yet cozy set of holiday decor perfect for your winter home.


This classic styled console with a distressed finish is a perfect mix of traditional and rustic, giving a warm cozy feeling, a perfect base for your winter decor. A beautifully detailed pine garland accented with pine cones lays atop the table, and would be perfect for your mantle piece too. A wooden frame and star, as well as a Merry & Bright print add some holiday fun to the set, along with some unique wooden trees.

Both the console table and decorative star and frame have texture change options. A beautiful yet muted red, a bright wintery white, and a neutral black.

The Nicola set totals 18 land impact as displayed, and all items are copy and modify.

This set will be available at Tannenbaum, open from November 25th till December 25th.


Myrrh Handmade Vintage Tree Decor @ Tannenbaum!

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ARIA is getting in the holiday spirit with Tannenbaum, bringing you the Myrrh ornament set – a beautiful handmade vintage ornament gacha set.
Myrrh Gacha Ad

The Myrrh set includes 6 different ornaments, a vintage tree topper and a tree skirt to decorate your home for the holidays!

Each ornament and the tree topper is 1LI, and the skirt is 4LI. All items are Modify, Transfer and NO Copy, and come materials enabled.

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Gift cards sale!

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Looking for a last minute gift for the holidays? Unsure what to get?

I set the gift cards to 50% off for a very limited time (from today, December 21st to December 25th).

The Gift card vendor is located right in front of the landing point in the store.
Gift card sale

Visit us at the mainstore! 

A Festive In-Store Release!

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It´s been forever since I´ve released something in the store so here is a little something for the holidays!

The Nicholas and Elden are alternative Christmas/Yule trees made out of plywood.

The Nicholas model has only one texture (plywood) and is 1 LI.Nicholas plywood tree

The Elden model comes with a skirt, it is 4 LI and has texture options.Elden colored plywood tree

Both lovely trees are copy/mod!

These gift boxes are transfer and modify, in order for you to load your own gifts in and give it to your friends or family. Each box is 2 LI.
Free gift tboxes

All off these fabulously festive items are materials ready!

Come and grab all these new seasonal goodies at the mainstore! 

Noel Christmas Tree and Livia Coffee Machine

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Aria is bringing to you, the Livia Expresso Machine version 2! Its fully 3d rendered and sculpted, and only comes in at 13 prims which is really good for such a detailed coffee machine, it comes in quite a few texture options and it rezzes 6 types of decoration coffees and if you click the decoration version of the coffee, you get a wearable version of that coffee. It is No Mod, No Copy, but yes Trans.

Aria also has released christmas trees, for the holiday season! Which look great and are 3D rendered! They’re all texture changing trees, and the permissions are no copy, no mod but trans!

This first picture is 24 prims and has 4 sizes.

This 2nd picture is 23 prims and comes in 3 sizes.

This 3rd picture is 9 prims and comes in 3 sizes.

And a Belated Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it, and a couple of days early Merry Christmas from Aria!

Go and look at these new releases at ARIA!