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Aurora Entryway Set @ FaMESHed!

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For this round of FaMESHed, marble’s timeless appeal assures the Aurora entryway set will make a statement in your home, with simple yet unique metal legs creating a contemporary feel. Impeccably paired with an updated take on traditional candle sticks, bold modern art piece, and a lightly distressed vase, this modern eclectic set will be perfect in any room.

With both white, and black marble table top options, as well as 3 metallics for the legs, the Aurora console will easily pair with your home decor. The framed print has 2 frame options, and 3 prints to choose from, while the vase has 5 colour options to customize the style.

The Aurora entryway set totals 16 land impact as displayed. Each piece is copy, and modifiable.

Stop by Fameshed, during the month of August to pick up this set!

Serena Entryway Vignette @ UBER!

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UBER is back for its last round of 2016 and Aria is taking part this round with a minimal styled entryway set.


The Serena Entryway Vignette comes complete with a console table, leather pouf, and a large round mirror, each perfectly complementing each other with a pleasingly simple style. Also available is a potted orchid, decorative orchid, and metallic candle holders.

The console table comes with 2 table top options, black and white, and the leather pouf has a choice of 3 leather colours, black, brown, and tan. The mirror has a choice of 4 metallic frame colours. The orchid has many different petal colours as well.

The Serena Leather pouf has a handful of single animations, some with auto attach and rezzing props.

The Serena entryway Vignette totals 13 land impact as displayed and each pieces is copy and modifiable.

This set will be available at UBER for the December/January round.

Best wishes this holiday season, and have a safe and happy new year from Aria!

Veronica Foyer Set @ SOU!

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For a very special BIRTHDAY round of Sou (formerly, ARIA brings you the Veronica Foyer Set!


This simply chic set includes console table, decorative mirror, rounded pouf, and lovely potted narcissus.

Both the pouf and console table have texture-change options, and the pouf includes single animations (some with attachable props!)

The Veronica Foyer Set is available at a 20% discounted price, especially for this round of Sou, so make sure you grab it at this special price while you can!

Sou is OPEN NOW!

Raleigh upholstered bench set @ TMD!

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Available starting February 5th, and through the duration of The Mens Dept. event for a special, and heavily discounted price for individual items and set bundle.

The Raleigh upholstered bench set includes an upholstered bench (available in PG or adult), an optional pillow pile and a vase with Poppies. The bench has single and couples animations some of which have rezzable/ auto-attach props. There are 3 texture presets for all the bench parts and individual parts are changeable too. The Poppies have 6 texture options.

Everything is copy/mod and materials ready!

Come grab the Raleigh upholstered bench set at the discounted price at The Mens Dept! ย See you there!

Piper foyer mini Set at Sou (!

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ARIA was invited to participate in the December round of Sou ( event as a guest. is aimed mainly to promote high quality Japanese brands and they also feature high quality designers from around the globe.

The event starts December 20th.

For it, I made the Piper foyer mini set.
It would be available throughout the event for a 50% discount.


It totals 7 LI as displayed.

The bench comes with 6 fabric choices, animations for single and couples. The two cushion pile has 6 fabric options and single cushion has 3.

Everything is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Come see us at Sou (!)

ARIA Update!

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So this is one of my favourite Foyer Sets ever! Seriously, I love its detail and simplicity. I just think its so cool all over, I love how it has accessories like a actual house’d have!

At coming in at 35 prims, seriously this set is too goood to miss! The bench is texture change with lots of different textures to choose from, and the permissions are trans! So youย can send one to a friend ๐Ÿ™‚

This piano, seriously is amazing! It is low prims so 29 prims, highly detailed and I love it! It texture changes to a lot of different options, and different options mean different combinations! It has a few poses in each the chair and the actual piano itself, which is a really cool idea ๐Ÿ™‚

This sets permission is trans!

As always both these sets are fully 3d baked ๐Ÿ™‚

You can get these items at ARIA now!