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Giada Bedroom @ UBER!

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For the coming round of UBER ARIA has created the Giada bedroom set!


This set includes bed, side table, drawer cabinet, hanging bulb, potted zamioculcas plants, and decor pieces.

The bed, side table, and drawer cabinet come with texture change options so you can customize your style. The Giada bed comes in PG and ADULT options, both with carefully picked out poses for single and couples, some with attachable props. The bulb turns on and off by menu.

The bed is the feature of this bedroom set with a classic tufted headboard in a modern style while a messy throw drapes over the foot of the bed creating a casual feel for a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. The side table and metal cabinet add a touch of industrial to the set, complimented by the metal plant pots and book decor.

The Giada bedroom set is 30LI total, copy and modify, and materials enabled!

This set will be available at UBER starting July 25th.

Vesna home office @ Shiny Shabby!

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Vesna home office @ Shiny Shabby

Coming to Shiny Shabby, the Vesna home office mini set includes a desk that comes with 7 worn wood texture options, a chair that includes 7 fabric options and comes in either PG or adult.  Tea cup and tulips also include 9 texture options. The Vesna home office is available as individual pieces, or as a complete set.  All items are copy/mod and materials ready.

Come visit us at Shiny Shabby, opening at 12 PM SLT on February 20th, and pick up the Vesna home office mini set!

For more information, including an event map so you can find us easily, visit