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Dakota living set (a collaboration with The Loft) @ Uber!

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Out now at Uber!

We bring you another Collaboration from Aria & The Loft for this round of Uber – Miami Neon (starts April 25th).

Fun, colorful, modern and light living set, there are adult and PG versions available. Texture changeable side table and flower. There are more candleholder color options available as well.

Come grab the Dakota living set at UBER!

Blair mini Living Set at Uber!

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ARIA participates in the upcoming round of Uber, themed Macabre.

For it I made the Blair mini living set.  [ARIA] Blair mini Living SET (Adult) at Uber!

It includes a two sitter sofa, it comes with 5 leather texture options, 3 metal options and 3 wood options. It has single and couples animations, some of which include rezzable/auto-attachable props and it comes in Adult or PG version.
It also includes a metal trunk coffee table, flowers, decorative antler and a book pile with a metal skull as well as a cushion.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Check it out at UBER!

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Bianca Bedroom mini SET

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For this month´s round of FaMESHed  I made the Bianca bedroom mini set and it would be available there throughout the event duration.

Bianca bedroom adult @FaMESHedBianca bedroom PG @FaMESHed

32LI as on display.
The Bianca bedroom mini set features a modern fabric bed that comes in PG or adult versions, many combinations of textures to choose from, couples and single animations which includes rezzable and give-able props, There´s also a free-standing closet, a bedside table a table light as well as an art piece everything is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Available at FaMESHed this month!

Vivien Bathroom at FaMESHed

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ARIA  participates  in this round of FaMESHed and for it I made the  Vivien bathroom set and it would be available there throughout the event duration.
Vivien Bathroom SET @ FaMESHed
34LI as on display.
The bathroom has 4 option for ceramics and a concrete sink with 4 wooden shelf texture options, the floor rug offers many textures to choose from as well. The bathtub sits a maximum of two avatars and includes single and couple animations one of which is a romantic sequence.
The whole set includes rezzable and give-able props and it is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Available at FaMESHed this month!

ARIA at The Garden

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This month ARIA is participates at The Garden and for it I made the Gaia bedroom set and it would be available there throughout the event duration.




34LI as on display.
Lodge inspired with modern influences this bedroom set can appeal to various decor styles and is rather versatile. I have included 4 option for the wood texture and 4 textiles (6 for the duvet). The mirror is also animated and gives props. The bed is available in two versions, PG and adult. The Adult version includes a selection of high quality erotic, romantic, platonic and solo animations. While the PG version only includes cuddles, platonic and single animations. The bed gives and rezzes props to compliment certain animations.

SURL: The Garden

Daphne dining Room set

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Today I finished the Daphne dining room set, it’s full mesh and now comes with materials support. To experience the full potential of this set you must use a materials compatible viewer and have “Advanced lighting model” turned on (it does not requester shadows to run).

38LI as on display
There are several texture options to make many interesting combinations.

Also, all last month’s event items are now in the store.

aria-ad_alegra       sandy_ad    Irene_001



Come visit ARIA !


Bryony Diningroom Set

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New release by ARIA, this beautiful dining  room set. I do have to say, it is amazing and Yelo did another great job on another fantastic set, this set is fully 3d Rendered.

This set is 132 prims, and has multiple texture options inside as well as animation options. Permissions are varied from item to item 🙂

Go visit Aria to go grab!