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Cindy mini set at Uber!

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Out at midnight for Uber!

Cindy mini set @ Uber

The chair that can sit up to two avatars and includes single and couples animations, two base textures and 6 fabrics to pick from (comes in adult or PG). It also comes with a book shelf, side table and a potted snake plant. The book shelf and the table have two textures to chose from and the pot has 6.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Come grab them at Uber, November 30th at midnight!


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The first one being The Arcade’s one year anniversary and for it I am offering the Daliah animal stools gacha!

1-2 prims each
Materials ready
Multi animations+props

aria_gatcha daliah_animal_stools_ad_1024x1024

SLURL: The Arcade Gacha Events  

The second Event is FaMESHed and for it I made the Ember living room set and it would be available there throughout the event duration.
27LI as on display.

I included two versions of the fireplace, one with the firewood storage on the side and one without.
The sectional seats up to 4 avatars and asides from the ability to choose from the base fabric, you can also choose the trim texture and each cushion individually .
It is materials ready and is copy/mod.