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Releases Roundup

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Here is a release roundup of  the second part of the month

ARIA Is participating in the first round of Consensual.

Consensual is an adult furniture event which will be running Sept 26th – Oct 5th, with some of the best creators in SL.

Consensual will open on the last weekend: Friday (Sept 26th 12PM SLT – opening day), and run through until Sunday (Closing Oct 5th 12PM SLT – last day)

Throughout the even duration, the items would be available in the adult version with a 30% discount (40% off for the entire set) of the normal price. The PG version would be available in my store soon)

For it, I made the Torino bathroom set.

Torino bathroom set @ Consensual

It totals 43 LI as displayed.

The set includes animated bathtub, sink and toilet which can be used by max. of two avatars at a time. They include single and couple animations, texture change, rezzable and auto-attach props. there are also many deco items some of which, change textures.


Visit ARIA at Consensual



ARIA was invited to participate in this round of event as a guest. is aimed mainly to promote high quality Japanese brands and they also feature high quality designers from around the globe.

The event started September 20th.

For it, I made the Sorrel console bar set.

Sorrel console bar SET @

It totals 12 LI as displayed.

The console comes with three texture options and a none decorated version is included shall you wish to decorate it to your liking. The tulips come 12 texture options.
Visit ARIA at!


All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

ARIA online:


New @ C88 Loft & Aria: Andora Collection

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Kimmy Rare™ – Décor

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September releases roundup

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Here is a release round up of the past week or so!

The Arcade:

A cozy Autumn minded gacha set.

Gretchen cozy corner  gacha key for The Arcade....

It has a total of 17 pieces, three out of which are rare (and they change textures and the chair is of course animated, sits up to two avatars  for PG couple cuddles animations). Materials are enabled and each piece is between 1 and 10 LI.

All items are modify and transfer okay.
50L per play.

The Arcade



The Holden dining set:

Holden Dining @ FaMESHed

It totals at 23 LI and it includes a dining chair in adult or PG version, a dining table, radiator and matching shelf that comes fully decorated, pendant light and a vase with Calla Lilies
Asides from the shelf, all items change texture and allow for many interesting and original combinations.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.


The mens dept.:
Parma drafting table set and deco items:

Parma drafting table set @ TMD

Parma deco bundle @ TMD

It´s modern and warm, fully texture change and will fit many styles and tastes. Everything is copy/modify okay, materials ready  and the stool comes with single and couples animations.

Those pieces are available at the TMD from the 5th of September throughout the event duration for promotional prices. 200L for the PG version, 300L for the adult version and 150L for the deco pack.

The Mens Dept.



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Releases Roundup

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Here is a release round up of the past week or so!

Chiara outdoor sitting set:

Chiara outdoor sitting set @ FaMeshed

14LI as on display.
The Chiara set includes a sofa that offers single and couple animations some of which includes rezzable and give-able props and can sit up to two avatars as well as the armchair. The coffee table includes several animations with props as well and the plant include several options for for the pot color.


The mens dept.:
Thalassa massage table and deco items:

For the TMD, I offer the Thalassa massage table and deco items. The massage table is 9 LI and comes in either PG or adult versions, there are many animations in both and several texture options for the different parts. The deco items include towels, oils and hot stones deco objects, 3 and 4 LI for each. It’s a nice relaxing addition to any home or outdoor space.

Thalassa deco pack@ TMDThalassa massage table -PG- @ TMD


Those pieces are available at the TMD from the 5th of June throughout the event duration for promotional prices. 150L for the PG version, 300L for the adult version and 99L for the deco pack.
The Mens Dept.

Nikka Living:

ARIA is participating in this round of Collabor88 and for it I made the Nikka Living. Collabor88 this month is themed “To The Lighthouse” and my Nikka set is inspired by the overall coastal feel.

Nikka living @ Collabor88

There are 2 versions of the sofa available, PG and adult, both versions have many texture options as well as many animations. The rest of the set is also rich in texture options for all main pieces to allow max customization and ability to feet to any place and to any mood.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.


The Madison Home

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ARIA has a new, completely furnished bungalow out! The Madison is a collaboration between Mike Denneny and Yelo Uriza. My favorite rooms are the rooftop pool and spa, the bathroom and the kitchen. I love being on the roof! The grass on the roof and the paved floor tiles are super realistic. The prettiest part, in my humble opinion, is the tree wallpaper in the bedroom. Love that so much. (It’s the Madison Wall Tattoo and is for sale for just 55L, would look perfect in any house.) The wardrobe door in the bedroom also slides open when you click it.

All of the textures in the house are customizable, for those who like to personalize their houses. Click the convenient little screens in each room to control the carefully scripted features such as security and customization. I like that you can click the light switches to turn on and turn off the lights and they flip from on to off! Security-wise, the home also offers full privacy and security options, with auto-eject and custom access.

Besides the high-definition textures and the spaciousness of The Madison, as well as the high-tech features and scripting that the house offers, the house has been lovingly furnished by Yelo Uriza’s ARIA creations. Look out for ARIA‘s newest and most up-to-date kitchen, bathroom and spa sets(sorry, those are just my favorite pieces! I know, beds and sofas are more practical.) which are included in the furnished version of the house! The house is filled with ARIA furniture’s little details that make the difference between a house and a home. It’s 1466 prims furnished, 522 prims unfurnished, 43 x 55 m footprint. Please contact Mike Denneny for any queries or suggestions.

You can TP to the house by clicking on the TP board near ARIA‘s outside TP point. Have fun exploring!

More details:

[Minimum land size required]:
(6500 sqm) *Without Prim Bonus
(2365 sqm) *With Prim Bonus

[Foot print]:
43m x 55m

[Prim Count]:
*Furnished: 1466 prims
*Unfurnished: 522 prims (including trees and plants)

Copy| Modify| NO transfer

* (Home Control System) that features rich options such as
-Texture change
-Advanced security
-Interactive light switches
-Easy addition of extra textures by drag and dropping
-HD Textures

[Not Included]:
*Astaro Renegade (Vehicle)

ARIA Samsara outdoors spa set

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New Samsara outdoors spa set and massage table from ARIA!

Kind of in love with this outdoor hot tub and spa set from ARIA, a must-have for any beach home. These are actual pictures of my place right now, I put the whole set out and I’m lounging about in the hot tub trying out the steam, hot water and animations!

Yelo mentioned that she wanted to update her range of hot tubs and what she came up with is definitely up to current standards. As always, ARIA adds a homey touch with the luxurious little accessories like the champagne bottle in ice, as well as the little table with incredibly detailed orchids. Not to mention the decorative flip-flops and the robe strewn on the ground. For those of us who can’t spare the time for a Bali getaway in real life, we can have a little of it in SL!

The hot tub is packed full of animations, both single animations and couple animations. You can choose the water level, jets and temperature. Best of all, it’s just 16 prims. The massage table, 8 prims, has a ton of interesting massage animations in it, definitely try it out with a partner! The towels on the massage table are also texture-change to black, white and lime.

The colors on the hot tub and massage table are customizable as always with several options, so you’ll always have colors to match any exterior. You can even sip champagne and read a book in the hot tub, just click the “Accessories” tab, wear the item given and select the appropriate animation. I always feel like I get my money’s worth at ARIA with the multiple texture options and the animations with accessories.

Check out this new release at ARIA!