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Dominique Outdoor Shower @ Summerfest!

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For the upcoming Summerfest, ARIA has created the Dominique outdoor shower mini set.

Whether by the pool, beach, or back door the Dominique outdoor shower is a staple for outdoor activities. Complete with the shower, towels, shelf, and soap, this set has everything you need in a simple, traditional style suitable almost anywhere!

The towels come with a variety of colours to choose from.

The Dominique shower is available in PG and ADULT options, each packed with single, and couples poses.

The set totals 14 land impact as displayed, and each item is copy and modifiable.

Put on your sun lotion and run over to Summerfest, opening June 30th!

Olympia Vignette @ Uber!

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Aria is going camping! For this month’s round of UBER, Aria has created the Olympia vignette, bringing you campy chic style, with fun accents,

Going back to the basics, the Olympia sofa, with its simple frame, and cozy stuffed cushions, will fit perfect in a camp office, or cozy rustic home. A wooden coffee table, and matching sling stool compliment the campy style. Quirky wall decor create a fun addition, while a cluster of birch candles, and a vase of baby’s breath add a touch of class. The floor rug, with a modern, camp themed motif finishes the set.

The Sofa, and stool each have texture change options for the cushions, throw pillows, and fabric.

The Olympia sofa comes in PG and ADULT options, packed with single, and couples poses, and the stool has single poses.

The set totals 30 land impact as displayed, and each item is copy and modify.

Stop by Camp Uber before July 23rd to pick up this set!

Haven Bedroom @ The Arcade!

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Its almost June, and you know what that means!  The Arcade is back with gacha collections galore! This round, Aria has brought us a cute, airy, feminine set, complete with everything you need for a cozy, inviting bedroom.

The bed, with ruffly shams and a soft poofy comforter, and the ruffly layered pouf are the rare items in this adorable set. Common pieces include a classic armoire, slipper chair, ruffly curtains, and a modern styles side table, as well as a fluffy sheep skin rug, wall art, hanging pendant light and a mix of adorable accent pieces. And for anyone who plays 25 times there is a special reward exclusive to the event!

Many of the items, including the bed, pouf, armoire, chair and curtains have texture change options to customize your space.

The Haven bed and chair each have single and couple poses, while the pouf has single poses, each include some poses with auto attach and rezz props.

The Haven bedroom set totals approximately 47 Land impact, and each item is modify, no copy, and transferable.

Come to the Arcade opening June 1st to collect this classy cute set!

Onda Lounger for Deco(c)rate!

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Deco(c)rate is back with a new box of goodies for May! This time the theme is “Modern Minimalism” and with that in mind, Aria presents the Onda Lounger, a simple curvy sun lounger perfect for the poolside.

Shaped to be both comfortable, and stylish, this minimal sun lounger is perfect for a lazy sunny day. With 8 colour options, including both modern neutrals and bold playful colours, you can easily create your perfect poolside oasis.

The Onda Lounger is loaded with single, and couples poses, some which include auto rezz and atachable props.

The Onda lounger is 3 Land impact, and comes with modify and copy permissions.

For more details visit the Deco(c)rate website and like the Facebook page, and swing by the Deco(c)rate HQ to sign up! 

Summer Moved On @ The Arcade!

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The Arcade is back for the September round, and with autumn just around the corner ARIA has made a bedroom set perfect for the cooler nights.
The Summer Moved On gacha set is cozy, warm and inviting, with traditional and contemporary style come together creating a timeless and versatile look.


The Summer Moved On gacha collection consists of 16 pieces. The rare items include the bed, and armoire with a shirt. Common items are a plain armoire, side table pair, radiator, light, blanket pile, and breakfast tray, as well as carnations in 3 different vase colours, 3 different coloured laptops, and a jewelry holder in black or white.

The bed is packed full of singles and couples PG poses, some with auto attaching and rezzing props. The carnations in the vases and on the breakfast tray have texture change options, the light turns on and off on touch.

The Summer Moved On set is 53 LI total, and are modify and transferable.

This amazing cozy set will be available at The Arcade starting September 1st!

Monaco Vignette (a collaboration with The Loft) at Collabor88!

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Its a summer soiree at Collabor88 for their 5th birthday, and The Loft and ARIA have made the perfect gathering spot for you and your closest friends. The Monaco Vignette has a classic appeal with contemporary and baroque elements to keep the look trendy and unique.


Photo by Marcus688 Resident

The Monaco Banquette sofa’s unique round shape is perfect for commercial spaces, club or your own home. The banquette is available in 2 versions with 8 colour variations to choose from and texture change options on the throw pillows. Adding a classic baroque touch, the chandelier with its beautiful detailing comes in silver or gold, each with 3 different shade options, and turns on and off on touch. To finish of the set a privacy screen, potted plant and tray are also available. The screen is available in gold and silver options, and the tray has texture change options for silver and gold as well.

The Monaco Banquette Sofa comes in PG or Adult options, both packs full of animations, some include auto attaching and rezzing props.

The Monaco Vignette totals 19 – 20 LI as displayed and is copy and modify.

This set is available at Collabor88’s summer soiree – open NOW!

Hyacinth Bistro Set @ Shiny Shabby!

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Out TODAY for this round of Shiny Shabby!

[ARIA] Hyacinth bistro set @ Shiny Shabby!

ARIA is participating in the May round of Shiny Shabby with the theme “Your Fresh Natural Spring”. For the event ARIA brings the Hyacinth bistro set, complete with two styles of chairs and a table both with 7 metal colors, and 7 fabric textures for the cushion. A beautifully detailed flowering strawberry plant and decorative metal watering can are also included. The Hyacinth set is available in both PG and ADULT versions with copy and modify permissions and totaling 13LI.

Everything is copy/modify and materials ready.

Come immerse yourself in spring at Shiny Shabby!

Ravenna shower @ The Men’s Dept!

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For this round of The Men’s Department, ARIA brings you a stunning and simple outdoor shower.

[ARIA] Ravenna shower @ The Men's Dept!

TMD opens April 5th, and thorough the duration of the event, the items are available at a heavily discounted price for individual items and set bundle

The Ravenna outdoors shower includes 3 texture options and comes in either PG or adult version. It includes single and couples animations some of which come with rezzable and/or auto attachable props. The set bundle also comes with a plant.

Everything is copy/modify and materials ready.

Join us at this round of The Men’s Dept!

New Update and Easter Gift

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Yelo has been at it again, this time starting out with a mini set

Hello Sommer.Image

8 | Land Impact
No mod | No Copy | YES Transfer
The bench has 5 built in baked textures

That’s right she’s started making summery type furniture, which is exciting to see with mesh.

Teleport to ARIA and while your there remember all of Yelo’s sculpted stuff is also on sale as she creates more mesh stuff she’ll be removing the sculpted stuff for good so remember to have a look around too, and excuse the dust as things are being settled and the TP system isn’t working properly as of yet.

Also if you are a member of the subscriber system, you would have received a little gift with your news. Hope you enjoy and happy easter!

Go Visit ARIA

Kind regards,