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Sawyer Living Set @ Uber!

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For this round of UBER, ARIA is debuting the Sawyer Living Set!

Sleek, minimal style meets a casual comfort in this chic and modern set. The sectional creates a comfortable understated look, with clean minimal lines and a low profile perfect to fit in any trendy contemporary home. Paired with a smoked glass top coffee table with delicate metallic frame, and a stylish geometric chandelier. And to finish of this look, a metallic pouf, rug, potted plant, wall art and table top decor have been perfectly coordinated for you!

The Sawyer sectional includes upholstery and fabric options, including a soft rose, bold navy, and neutrals to suit any colour palette, as well as metallic options for the frame. The pouf, coffee table, chandelier, rug, wall art, and vase each have their own texture change options to create a personalized look.

The Sofa comes in PG and Adult options each loaded with single, friends, and couples animations, while the pouf has many single poses.

The Sawyer set totals 40 land impact as displayed, and each piece is copy and modifiable.

Stop by UBER before February 23rd to pick this set up!  No room on the Main Uber sim?  No problem!  You can cam shop HERE!


Delilah living @ N°.21

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ARIA participates in the upcoming round of N°.21!

[ARIA] Delilah living @ N°.21

This is an exclusive round, so this living set comes with 3 exclusive upholstery textures, curtain, cushions and knits for the throw.

The sofa and ottoman can sit up to two avatars; they come in two versions, Adult or PG. There are several decor items included in the set pack and most items change textures into many fun combinations.

Everything is copy/modify and materials ready!

Come visit us at N°.21 and grab the Delilah living room with these special exclusive textures!

Piper foyer mini Set at Sou (!

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ARIA was invited to participate in the December round of Sou ( event as a guest. is aimed mainly to promote high quality Japanese brands and they also feature high quality designers from around the globe.

The event starts December 20th.

For it, I made the Piper foyer mini set.
It would be available throughout the event for a 50% discount.


It totals 7 LI as displayed.

The bench comes with 6 fabric choices, animations for single and couples. The two cushion pile has 6 fabric options and single cushion has 3.

Everything is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Come see us at Sou (!)