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September releases roundup

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Here is a release round up of the past week or so!

The Arcade:

A cozy Autumn minded gacha set.

Gretchen cozy corner  gacha key for The Arcade....

It has a total of 17 pieces, three out of which are rare (and they change textures and the chair is of course animated, sits up to two avatars  for PG couple cuddles animations). Materials are enabled and each piece is between 1 and 10 LI.

All items are modify and transfer okay.
50L per play.

The Arcade



The Holden dining set:

Holden Dining @ FaMESHed

It totals at 23 LI and it includes a dining chair in adult or PG version, a dining table, radiator and matching shelf that comes fully decorated, pendant light and a vase with Calla Lilies
Asides from the shelf, all items change texture and allow for many interesting and original combinations.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.


The mens dept.:
Parma drafting table set and deco items:

Parma drafting table set @ TMD

Parma deco bundle @ TMD

It´s modern and warm, fully texture change and will fit many styles and tastes. Everything is copy/modify okay, materials ready  and the stool comes with single and couples animations.

Those pieces are available at the TMD from the 5th of September throughout the event duration for promotional prices. 200L for the PG version, 300L for the adult version and 150L for the deco pack.

The Mens Dept.



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The first one being The Arcade’s one year anniversary and for it I am offering the Daliah animal stools gacha!

1-2 prims each
Materials ready
Multi animations+props

aria_gatcha daliah_animal_stools_ad_1024x1024

SLURL: The Arcade Gacha Events  

The second Event is FaMESHed and for it I made the Ember living room set and it would be available there throughout the event duration.
27LI as on display.

I included two versions of the fireplace, one with the firewood storage on the side and one without.
The sectional seats up to 4 avatars and asides from the ability to choose from the base fabric, you can also choose the trim texture and each cushion individually .
It is materials ready and is copy/mod.