Apple Bedroom Set

Apple Bedroom Set, I love this set. I love bedroom sets in SL, especially where the blankets are falling off, cuz it just looks so good. And this set really delivers! This is an update/upgrade of the apple bedroom set!

With multiple texture options, little bits and pieces you can place around your home at only 91 prims! Permissions vary from item to item, but seriously go and buy this now!

I love this set! Seriously, I have this in my own SL house! I love it as an entry way, I think its just so cool and how its not your ‘traditional’ style table with wood, how its a bit funky and unique with just solid textures, all 3d baked it comes with a lamp, a telephone a table and a mirror! This is only 15 prims! and its Trans 🙂

Go buy now at ARIA!

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