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Emmerich Modular kitchen set @ 6° Republic!

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Out today (May 6th) at 6° Republic!

[ARIA] Emmerich Modular kitchen set @ 6° Republic!

The Emmerich kitchen, a fully featured modular kitchen set ready to fit in any space. The set is available in PG and adult, texture change options for most parts. The Emmerich kitchen includes 4 different counter pieces, island, shelf, range and range hood, sink, and fridge.

Canisters, pots, pans, cooking utensils, cutting boards, dishes and cups, a stool, rug, lamp and strawberry plant finish off the set.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Come grab the Emmerich modular kitchen set at 6° Republic!

Ginevra kitchen @ Consensual

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ARIA Is participating in the first round of Consensual.

Ginevra kitchen @ Consensual

Consensual is an adult furniture event which will be running March 13th – March 27th, with some of the best creators in SL.

Throughout the event’s duration, the items would be available in the adult version with a 30% discount of the normal price. The PG version will be available in-store soon!)

The Ginevra kitchen set totals 23 LI as displayed.

The set includes an animated kitchen base with a fine selection of adult animations as well as fun kitchen chore animations and couple cuddles.

There is a choice of 3 wooden accent and kitchen mitts as well as the rug include 6 texture choices as well. There are also overhead cabinets, paper towel , potted basil and a group of decorative chopping boards. The animations include a full range of specially made rezzable and attachable props that come with many of them.

All items are materials ready and are cop and modify.

Come grab the Ginevra kitchen at Consensual at this limited-time discounted price!

Amaryllis Kitchen Set at FaMESHed!

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ARIA participates in the upcoming round of FaMESHed.

For it I made the Amaryllis kitchen:

[ARIA] Amaryllis Kitchen for FaMESHed!

It’s a modern industrial chic small kitchen with a great style and many base options that would make any place more honey.
totals 31 including all the decor items shown. It has single and couples animations, several texture choices and is materials ready.

Copy and modify okay.

Come visit us at FaMESHed!

Milano kitchen at FaMESHed

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This month ARIA is participates FaMESHed and for it I made the Milano modern minimalist kitchen and it would be available there throughout the event duration.
Milano kitchen at FaMESHed!

27LI as on display.
The kitchen has 3 base colors and an arc of accents to make many combinations to suit your existing decor and mood. There are single and couple kitchen related animations and rezzable props as well as accessories to compliment them.
It is materials ready and is copy/mod.

Available at FaMESHed this month!

ARIA Hidden Kitchen Set

Posted in Furniture with tags on May 8, 2011 by silver milneaux

OMG this is very very very cool.

I’ve never seen anything like this in SL and I just realized why it’s called “Hidden” kitchen!

Basically this is a cupboard-like kitchen, you open the doors to reveal.. your kitchen! You can leave the doors open if you wish to show off your kitchen and close them when you want your house to look neat. Honestly, I’m sold by just the fact that it comes in an orange and red combination. ARIA always gives an option for very distinctive colours and personally, I’m persuaded to buy certain pieces of ARIA furniture just because it came in hot pink.

Of course, there are classic colours such as white, black and gray for this set, as well as a few other colour options. Do check out the demo to see all the combinations!

Enough about colours, this set also comes with very realistic accessories which can be removed to save on prims, as well as a temp-rezzer fridge chock-full of delicious food! It’s really full, I was shocked when I opened it and every single space in the fridge was filled with things.

There’s ARIA brand frozen meals, even though the four packets are almost identical and partially hidden, Yelo bothered to meticulously change the flavors for all four packets piled on each other. Definitely no scrimping on realistic details or upload costs at ARIA!

Not to mention ICE CREAM, assorted fruit and veg (my favorite lettuce makes an appearance again) as well as wine, eggs, chocolate cake, frozen bacon.. and so much more!

I am only looking at the kitchen, I haven’t even tried sitting on it yet. There is an animation for washing dishes and sweeping, really adorable! Not to mention the two-person sits available among the other animations.

This is definitely one of my favorite releases at ARIA because of its uniqueness in terms of being “hidden”, the colours, the fridge filled with food and the “sweeping” animation haha. Check it out at ARIA!

prims: 45 prims, accessories are removable to save on prims, kitchen is only 27 prims without the accessories.
textures: view ad for 6 base textures, several combinations
permissions no mod, no copy, yes trans
animations: multi-animations with props (click on the menu and the kitchen will give you a broom, plate, knife etc)

Darla Kitchen Set

Posted in Furniture with tags on April 21, 2011 by silver milneaux

Something new from ARIA, Yelo took three months to finish this set! There are two variations, sets A and B.

I am sitting on the kitchen counter now, swinging my legs.. and that’s all it took to win me over for this kitchen. I still think that ARIA animations are thoughtfully chosen/add a touch of realism. Texture-change as always, another new item for those who love their kitchens in bright colors, or even just in black and white!

Definitely a full kitchen experience from ARIA – when you click on the kitchen counter, you get an option for “Accessories”, whereby you can choose an accessory, like a knife, wear it and then choose the appropriate animation, e.g. “chopping”. When selected, the “chopping” animation actually rezzes a full set of chopping board, lettuce, vegetables and salad, so you’re really immersed in the experience of preparing a salad in your second life! (Yelo’s Lettuces are also my favorite, they look so so real.)

The accessories are detailed as always – the knives look like they could cut. You can select “Open” for the oven, and then prepare food in it, e.g. Lobster.

Take a tp to ARIA to try out the animations and cooking experience for yourself, I was really impressed by them!

prims for Darla Kitchen sets A and B: 56 prims and 54 prims respectively
permissions: no mod, no copy, yes trans
multi-sit animations, props available
texture-change, 5 colors (refer to ad)